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Danfoss shares new vision at partner evening

The Danfoss team connected with its customers and partners at an evening event in Johannesburg on 24 April 2017 to talk about the company’s long-term vision — particularly concerning its investment into southern Africa.

The function was well attended and Danfoss had various members of its international management complement at the event too, mingling with guests both before and after the formalities.

The international team shared a variety of presentations to bring customers up to speed with Danfoss and what the company can offer — from drives to the new heating division it was launching locally and even a look at its online order management system.

One of the reasons for the event was for Danfoss to get to know the local industry and its role players a bit better. “Customer loyalty is very important to us and we want to provide a best-in-industry customer experience,” explained Emrah Sahin, head of customer service and business excellence (Turkey, Middle East, and Africa region). “We want to share our new strategy and project lines with our customers, while also showing them the projects we are involved in.”

That is why Danfoss has been having this customer event in all the regions since the beginning of the year, talking about not only its successes but the challenges in the market as well. “It’s important for us to be in South Africa, because even though the economy is unstable, the potential is huge,” said Sahin.

Various new product improvements have been made, with extra investment in its new customer services facilities. The company now offers 24-hour service in five languages. Logistics facilities have also been enhanced to improve product lead times to South Africa.

Danfoss wants to grow its local staff complement and enter the other markets it occupies globally — not just HVAC&R. That is why it is busy launching its Power Solutions division locally and building up its heating division as mentioned.

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The year 2016 was a good year for Danfoss, as the company showed solid growth in South Africa. “We are satisfied with the company’s performance and we are committed to invest into this market,” said Kjell Stroem, senior vice-president global sales: Danfoss A/S. “Africa might be challenging and unpredictable, but we are not thinking of the short term,” said Stroem “We are thinking ahead and this is definitely a market we want to be in.”

The three keywords the company are focusing on are ‘faster’, ‘easier’, and ‘relevant’, summing up Danfoss’ vision for the future.

After the formal presentations, dinner followed.

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