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High performance


BMG’s light materials handling division distributes an extensive range of quality branded products for conveying in the food and beverage sector, including System Plast’s high performance conveyor components.

System Plast’s custom-engineered NG material provides high strength, optimum wear resistance and reduced pitch elongation. A feature of this material is its efficiency in ‘no lube’ applications, due to its low coefficient of friction properties. NG high performance chains also ensures sustainable water and energy reductions.

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Significant variations


EVD ice, available through Carel, is invented for the cold environment and IR33+FMC. Designed especially for cold rooms, EVD-ice is the evolution of the electronic valve driver designed to operate in extreme conditions, directly inside the cold room evaporator.

Ir33 + FMC for Embraco Fullmotion compressors, on the other hand, simplifies the operation and management of variable-speed compressors in refrigeration applications. By simply setting just a few parameters, significant variations in compressor capacity can be implemented, with huge energy savings.

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Monitor all assets

As an increasing amount of merchandise is transported across the country, the risk of truck hijackings increases too.

Fleet managers can combat this scourge with an innovative cargo tracking device available through QCIC. The QIC-LOC asset management device features a car alarm, an electronic log book function, flexible asset management, and flexible driver and staff management. It also boasts a 24/7 system health check, a panic button for emergency and alarm notification, and an intelligent internal power supply and management system. An incorporated GPS provides a location accurate to within 3 metres, and the ‘mark-a-position’ button allows the user to record the position at any time.

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Lighting up South Africa


The Arteor emergency lighting device immediately illuminates homes, hospitals, hotels and offices when a power outage occurs. Legrand’s latest offering is designed to help South Africans to better cope with the current power outages.

It includes a miniature emergency lighting unit, which automatically lights up in the event of load shedding or other emergencies. A special feature of this unit is that the light fitting can be easily unclipped from the mechanism and used like a conventional torch.

The unit is small and easy to handle, providing users with powerful and effective illumination.

Arteor devices have been designed for aesthetic appeal, flexibility, energy efficiency, quality power supply and optimum safety in renovations and new installations.

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