Refrigerant classifications explained

By Barney Richardson

Refrigerants are classified on the basis of ASHRAE standard 34 called “Designation and Safety Classification of Refrigerants”. We will try to explain what these classifications mean.


RACA Journal March 2016 Vol 32 No 01

An intelligent design

Dunham-Bush Air Conditioners recently launched the split wall mounted Fravega Inverter (R410a).

Standard features include 3D ultimate airflow, multilayer dust-proof filter, Wi-Fi, anti-rust cabinet, auto-cleaning, rapid cooling and heating, auto restart convenience, intelligent defrosting, low ambient control, and multi-layer dust-proof filter. Optional features include intelligent voice control.

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Make the right decision

Fluke has launched the new three-phase power loggers – the 1736, giving users the data needed to make critical power quality and energy decisions in real-time.

The product, available through Comtest, is specifically engineered to conduct energy studies and basic power quality logging, automatically capturing and logging over 500 power quality parameters for more visibility into the data needed to optimise system reliability and savings.

The Fluke 1736 is the first three-phase power loggers built with the Fluke Connect mobile app and software, enabling users to measure, capture and log all relevant characteristics of electric power and enable access to management and analysis of large data sets. The 1736 features more visibility, reduced uncertainty better decision-making capabilities.

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